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Top Five #Irene Tweets

Chris Brown

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While the rest of the east coast flocked to grocery stores for bread, milk and batteries, packed up their emergency kits, and tuned-in to The Weather Channel, New Yorkers stocked up their bars, sent out hurricane party invites and Tweeted to make certain that Seamless Web would still be up and running during hash tag Irene (#Irene).

In the wake of ole’ Irene, and the ever growing use of social media, we’ve scoured Twitter to compile this list of the Top Five most clever and witty hurricane Tweets.

Note: The views expressed below are those of the author and do not reflect the opinion or view of CJP Communications… officially.

Top Five #Irene Tweets

#5 – EAST COAST RESIDENTS: To counteract the effects of Hurricane Irene, twirl around very quickly in the opposite direction of the wind. #irene (SatireWire)

#4 – In preparation for Hurricane Irene New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has asked all shoreline residents and visitors to get "in mah belly." (Jim Bosha)

#3 – Lots of neighbors are here to clean up. Haven’t heard this many people say “It could’ve been worse” since the last Nicolas Cage movie. (Jelisa Castrodale)

#2 – For those disappointed they didn’t get to see a huge disaster unfold before their eyes, there’s always the VMAs tonight. (Jess Dwek)

#1 – Hurricane Irene screwed up the subways, threw some trash around the streets and then left town. Typical tourist. (Guy Nicolucci)

Honorable Mention goes to the following:

Beyonce's wind machine is stronger than this bi***! (Coco Obayda)

Overheard at NYC wine store: "Do you sell by the gallon?" #irene (Ellen WerneckeCJP


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