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What's #Trending Now? Smart TVs

Vu Chung

Liu Jun, senior vice president and president of the Mobile Internet and Digital Home business group at Lenovo, introduces the first-ever Android-based Smart TV. Daniel Acker / Bloomberg

You might have driven or seen a smart car; your home might be connected to a smart grid, and you might be reading this blog on your smartphone. Soon, you’ll be watching your favorite TV shows/movies on a smart TV. No, it doesn’t make you smarter…in case you are wondering.

This week, Las Vegas has played host to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) where geeks and gadgets collide. Each year a new consumer technology or gadget makes the biggest splash and generates the most buzz. Last year it was 3D TV. This year, smart TV is all the rage. Essentially, the fundamental idea is a TV set that can access the internet to provide the users more content than what is already been offered by the traditional broadcasting channels according to Wikipedia. But at this year’s CES, Samsung, LG and Lenovo revealed that they have plans to take smart TVs to a whole different level via voice control and motion sensor. With these smart TVs, couch potatoes can now turn on the set with their voice and command and/or gesture the TV to switch channel, adjust the volume, search for programs, and web applications.

Gone are the days when we reluctantly remove ourselves from the couch to change the channels, and days when we couldn’t find the remote control. But how will we fight over the “remote control” now? I can already picture a shouting match in my household.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest gadgets, CNET has the full coverage of CES. Follow @cnet or their reporters on Twitter, or visit the site for live updates from the show floor. CJP

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