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Vu Chung

Business Mobility...Mobility in the workplace. According to a recent survey by Kelton Research, commissioned by Sybase*, employees are willing to give up free coffee and even a vacation day for choice of mobile device and access to certain apps in the workplace. The highlight of the survey, which polled more than 500 workers in the US and the UK, is the employee demand for IT departments to support various mobile devices and certain apps that will help with productivity in the workplace. Here are some findings from the survey:

Freedom of Choice: Half of respondents would rather choose the mobile device they use at work, instead of the company making this decision for them. Fifty-nine percent of those who chose their current mobile device believe that employee choice is the best option for companies; vs. 44 percent of those who are using a company-supplied device. Apps are the Future: The demand for better work-related mobile applications is high, with 56 percent stating that using these programs on the job makes them more productive. Of that 56 percent, over eight in ten (82%) of those who use more than three mobile applications for work feel this way, vs. 63 percent who use less than three apps on the job. What They Could Live Without: Interestingly, 71 percent feel so strongly about using their own device over what IT offers that they are willing to give up at least one thing in the workplace to keep their preferred device. Free coffee (58%) topped the list, followed by free food (39%) and office supplies (30%). Some were even willing to give up paid parking (26%), or a vacation day (20%).” (Source: Sybase Inc.)

I am a fan of having the freedom to choose my own device and luckily CJP does offer that freedom. With new devices hitting the market every month, this freedom keeps employees, particularly the early adopters, happy.

As the workforce becomes more mobile, demand for work-related apps is also increasing according to the survey. PR professionals are on-the-go all the time, so having the right apps to help us do our job better while on the road is important. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite free apps: – I think this app is self explanatory. With access to over 2 million words, every PR professionals must have this dictionary and thesaurus app on their mobile devices.

Dropbox – A file sharing program that allows you to access your files from any computers and mobile devices. It is especially useful when sharing large files that cannot be emailed.

Viigo – Keep up-to-date with current events while you’re on the road. This app delivers content from wire services and general news outlets directly to your mobile device for free. It also helps you keep track of your flight status, sports scores and your stock quotes.

Yelp – This application is helpful in finding restaurants or coffee shops for a quick break between press meetings with your clients.

What are your favorite apps? CJP

*Disclaimer: Sybase 365, a unit of Sybase Inc., is a CJP client.

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