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Vu Chung

No Kids AllowedThe “no-kids-allowed” movement. According to this article, this movement started in June by a trendsetting Malaysian airlines that banned babies from its first class cabin. Needless to say, many airlines took notice and implemented similar policies. Words traveled across the globe, now reaching restaurants in the U.S. with a Pittsburgh restaurant among the first to ban children under 6 years old. And, a movie theater in my home state of Texas implemented an adult-only Harry Potter screening. Clearly, this movement is receiving attention from businesses, but is it a smart marketing strategy? I think it is as long as it is executed correctly.

Implementing a no-kids-allowed policy may run the risk of alienating the family market, that is the audience that has young children. However, businesses such as a restaurant can diminish this risk by having children’s day during the week where families can bring their children. I see this as a win-win for the restaurant, the family and the adults who are frustrated with crying babies while they’re dining. For the restaurant, it is not alienating the family audience by catering to them on certain day of the week. For the families, they get to dine with their children without dirty looks throwing their way. As for the adults sans children, well, they get the other days of the week to dine in peace.

I personally like this no-kids-allowed policy. Nothing ruins a good meal or show like misbehaved children. I look forward to seeing how this trend will build momentum in the U.S. If its popularity grows, it may help the growth of local babysitting business. Think about it. CJP

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