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At Prosek Partners we’re so serious about staff development and training, we’ve got our own internal university. It’s called Orange U and offers learning opportunities throughout the year.

Advance Professionally

By developing and nurturing the talents and abilities of our staff, individuals have the opportunity to advance professionally and help raise the overall quality of the agency.

Prosek Partners has two company-wide professional development days and multiple Orange U sessions throughout the year, some led by outside professionals, others by our staff.

In addition to our skills-oriented workshops, we hold at least two sessions per year on new business development, networking and business generation. We believe strongly that a healthy agency has an “Army of Entrepreneurs,” creating and spotting opportunities every day, and that being a contributor to our bottom line adds knowledge and financial rewards that are at the heart of how a professional services firm operates.

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Our Professional Development in The News

In this article, Jen Prosek talks about how the firm’s “Army of Entrepreneurs” model helps every employee develop professionally and advance in their careers. At every stage, Prosek Partners provides the training and guidance employees need to become leaders within the firm, find work they love, and play a key role in the firm’s overall success.

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