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Compatibility Quiz

Successful pairings, in love or in business, require many of the same elements: shared goals, good communication and a sense of humor.

This client compatibility quiz will help you determine whether you and Prosek Partners are a good match. Can we help you reach your goals and have a good time along the way? Let’s find out.

1. Are you monogamous or do you like to play the field?

We work best with people who are monogamous, who want to develop a close working relationship and create shared goals. We want to know everything about you, your business and your industry. That takes time and focus. Ninety percent of our client relationships are ongoing and long term.

Of course, we’re open to shorter-term relationships, if that’s what the situation requires. We understand you may have a project or weeks of intensive crisis management. However long the relationship lasts, we’ll do our best to be a great partner. 

The best clients tend to be the ones who can pass the “cocktail test.” At a pitch we always ask ourselves, “Would we want to have a drink with that person?” and we hope the feeling’s mutual. 

2. Are you a “smart client”?

Our clients are smart. They are economists, analysts, tech geniuses, business school professors, investment bankers, hedge fund managers, lawyers and consultants. Smart clients mean we need to be better than the competition, hiring and retaining people who can hold their own with smart clients (a number of employees have an advanced degree). Smart clients appreciate a firm that pushes them to the limit. And in turn, they add their knowledge, experience and network to our firm. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship.

3. Do you believe in candor?

Jack Welch said that candor is the least-used weapon in business. We agree. At Prosek Partners we encourage clients to be as candid as they can at all times, especially if it’s something you think we don’t want to hear. And we will be candid with you. Our best clients appreciate this kind of open, honest relationship.

4. Do the words “clever, witty and quick” appeal to you?

Our brand personality is “clever, witty and quick.” That means we put great emphasis on speed and fast results, smarts, and yes, fun. If this brand personality appeals to you, we might be a fit.

5. How do you feel about a diverse team?

The way we see it, it’s a big world with all sorts of belief systems. At Prosek Partners, we are open-minded and diverse. Our commonality is in our love of the business and our spirit.