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Prosek Partners Ranked #17 in the New York Observer’s 2024 PR Power List of Top Agencies in the U.S.

Observer PR Power List 2024By the numbers, the PR industry has had a rough year. One report found half of all agencies expected revenues to fall. Layoffs have rattled big firms, and artificial intelligence has some PR pros nervous. But the PR Power List isn’t just about numbers. It’s about influence, and agencies still have plenty of it.  

What does influence look like now? You can’t measure it, but you know it. Firms keep expanding their scope to areas like branding, content and paid media. Some agencies are harnessing A.I. to work smarter, allowing them to strengthen brand stewardship and effective communications. Other firms are forging forward-looking partnerships, such as financial powerhouse Prosek’s investment in hospitality and lifestyle agency Becca in January. Still, other agencies are shaping headlines, fueling social crazes, supporting elections, and even producing Super Bowl ads.

17. Prosek Partners

Prosek Partners didn’t just double down on New York in 2023 with a new 34,000-square-foot Madison Avenue flagship. The financial-comms powerhouse also planted a flag in Abu Dhabi, broadening a global footprint that includes London and Cape Town. Stellar hires include former ABC News business correspondent Deirdre Bolton and Meta’s former head of broadcast communications, Michelle Mandara. Prosek continues reimagining financial comms with service offerings like Conference Concierge, supporting clients at Davos, Cannes, Milken Asia and other world-moving conclaves. Along with its marquee roster of deals, Prosek represents clients, including Citi, Goldman Sachs and Prudential.

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