Finally, A Cup of Sunshine

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On Friday the 13th, I open The Wall Street Journal to stories of JP Morgan’s profit plunging and news of a video that shows a group of Marines urinating on militant corpses. This leads me to ask the question, is anything good happening in the world today?

The answer is definitively, yes. Every day random acts of kindness take place, inspirational art is created, people unite to further charitable causes and countless other uplifting events occur. As of yesterday, there is finally a place to read about just such stories: HuffPost Good News.

In the first post to appear on the new site, Arianna Huffington aptly describes HuffPost Good News' content as intended to “shine a much-needed spotlight on what's inspiring, what's positive, what's working -- and what's missing from what most of the media chooses to cover.”

The lead story on the site is currently “The Year’s Best Good News Stories that just got Better.” Followed by, stories of animal rescues and profiles of people that have made a difference in the world.

So when you find yourself needing a break from the politician bashing and abysmal earnings announcements, go get a virtual hug from HuffPost. CJP

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