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Give & Take: Volunteering is a Win-Win

Laura Bernstein

Last month, Prosek celebrated National Volunteer Month by supporting the causes that matter most to employees. Each employee can spend paid time volunteering every month for the charity of their choice. Throughout April, Prosekians dedicated their time to causes like The HOPE Program, CancerCare and Hedge Funds Care.

Charities rely on volunteers to fulfill their daily operations, meet their fundraising goals and keep their overhead costs low. Dedicated volunteers are invaluable. However, volunteering doesn’t just benefit the charity, it can have a positive impact personally and professionally.

Most people know volunteering can improve your mental and emotional health, but may overlook the potential career benefits. Here are some ways lending a helping hand could give you a leg up at work:

  • Meet New People – Getting involved with a good cause is a great way to network. Volunteering provides a new set of connections with whom you already have a shared interest. You never know who could be your next client or even your next boss.
  • Showcase Your Talents – Taking on a volunteer project can be the perfect opportunity to shine. If your job isn’t giving you the chance to fully utilize your skills, you can show off what you can do while still helping others. It’s also a great way to hone your skills and learn from other volunteers.

Find Your Passion – Many times, charities seek out volunteers with a specific skill-set to help them. However, sometimes they offer the opportunity to try your hand at something new. Dipping your toe into a new field could lead to a new career you never knew you loved.

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