Men Behaving Badly

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Men Behaving BadlyThe American TV sitcom Men Behaving Badly aired for only one full season, from 1996-1997.  Today, 15 years or so later, there would be no shortage of content to keep a show with a title like this plugging along for years.  It seems like every week there is another high profile man getting himself into how water.  With so many missteps by powerful politicians, athletes, celebrities and others, there is no shortage of content for a spin-off of the ill-fated TV show that starred Rob Schneider, star of such hits as The Animal and Big Stan.

Here is a Top 10 list (in no particular order) of some of this year’s most prominent examples of men behaving badly:

  1. The Governator:  A secret love child obsessed with the movie Terminator 2.  Enough said.
  2. Dominique Strauss-Kahn:  Sexually assaulting and attempting to rape a hotel housekeeper… the head of the IMF?  OMG!
  3. Andrew Bynum:  Almost killed a man on the basketball court.  Bush league.
  4. Charlie Sheen:  Drugs, YouTube rants, tiger blood, oh my!  The man is a menace.
  5. Raj Rajaratnam:  Securities fraud, insider trading… he left an Appalachian Trail of evidence.
  6. John Galliano:  The head designer at Dior apparently has a bone to pick with the world’s Jewish community.    Not kosher.
  7. Anthony Weiner:  Whether he did it or not, the New York Congressman is in hot water for some lewd tweeting.  "This seems like it was a prank to make fun of my name," Weiner said. "When you are named Weiner, that happens a lot."  I guess I can see his point.
  8. Rashard Mendenhall:  Another tweeting mishap.  The Pittsburgh Steelers running back was dropped by sponsors for some reckless tweeting following Bin Laden’s death.
  9. Giuseppe Signori:  The former Italian league footballer has been implicated in a match fixing scandal.   It seems there is a new scandal facing international soccer just about every week.
  10. The Donald:  Seems sort of silly for him to hoot and holler about where President Obama was born.  That’s the best he could come up with? CJP
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