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Thank You, IBM

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Last week IBM researchers announced they’ve created a high-speed circuit from graphene, an ultra-thin material that has a host of promising applications, from high-bandwidth communication to a new generation of low-cost smartphone and television displays.  Scientists from around the world see this as a major breakthrough, something that could revolutionize the computer industry.

Why did this technical story make me smile so wide?  It’s world-recognized innovations like these that keep my faith in the future of the United States alive.  Despite the dour news about our country’s future, as an entrepreneur, I continue to believe that in this country anything is possible; and the Facebooks, Twitters, IBMs and Googles make me believe we still corner the market on innovation and entrepreneurism.

I recently attended the Yale CEO Forum where leaders were clearly concerned about this country’s future.  With our debt levels, healthcare issues, etc., it would be crazy not to be. But the CEOs and academics outside of the United States were much more optimistic about the leadership role American will continue to play in the future and its overall success.  It warmed my heart.  As immigrants to the U.S., my parents programmed me to believe that the U.S. is the most fertile ground for self-starting success, and for me it turned out to be the truth.

But recently I have worried that my daughter’s United States may not resemble mine. So, IBM, from me to you: a big “thank you” for making me smile about the future of our great country.  I will do my part, as long as you keep doing yours. CJP

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