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A Good Run Helps Me Hit the Reset Button

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RunningI've always been an optimist.  I was born that way.  Turning lemons to lemonade is something I’ve mastered when it comes to life’s little disappointments.  Having said that, I have found for me that there are a few things that help me hit the reset button when I’m feeling the effects of life’s hard knocks.  And, by far, my number one is running.

Last week I received some bad news regarding an assignment I was hoping we would get.  It was something that I had killed two weekends working on, something I pushed the team to great limits to make perfect, something that would have been terrific for us today and for years to come.  But, alas, it didn’t come our way. After a bit of sulking, I decided to put on my sneakers and run around the beach.  I didn’t really feel like doing it.  There’s something about disappointment that saps your motivation, but I forced myself.  Following the first mile I was already playing those mind games that you do on a run, enjoying the feel of the breeze and the sand under my feet.  Somehow by the end of the fourth mile I was feeling like a million bucks, having counted all my blessings along the road to the finish line.

Perhaps the biggest blessing is just having the health at 41 years of age to take that magical run.  Where am I going with this?  In today’s world of complexity, bad behavior and setbacks, it’s so important in life to figure out what helps you hit the reset button and DO IT when you feel the need.  Whether it’s a deep tissue massage, a meditation session or a walk in the woods.

For me, I will be packing those sneakers wherever I go! CJP

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