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It's Been a Big Few Months, Ya'll

Kristina Ferrari Baldridge

North CarolinaIt’s taken me far too long to write this first blog post, but to be honest, it’s taken me this long to fully get my head around the last few months. I’m writing this from Durham, NC, or what I fondly call, CJP South.

About a year ago, my husband and I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and leave New York City. As much as we loved the city and our jobs, we wanted a bit more space, a calmer way of life—to put it simply, a washer and dryer and a pup.

So, two months in and we have all of the above, including (as of last weekend) Nacho, the lady pup. Our lives are so different from what they were in NYC—but I’m lucky to say that one thing is still the same: I’m still a CJPeep.

Technology and an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset from a fantastic company like CJP, meant that I was able to state my case and highlight the reasons I could still fully service my clients and work with my amazing NYC/CT-based teams from the land of excellent BBQ (the noun, not the verb) and multi-tonal blue college teams (I’m a Tar Heel, but we live off of Duke’s campus).

So, here I am, two months into my new life. I cannot state enough how thrilled I am to be here. But possibly even more thrilling is that fact that every day I can “commute” to my new office and still be inspired by the outstanding talent of my colleagues at CJP and by my always amazing, yet challenging clients.

This post is more of a love letter and thank you note to CJP, but in the coming posts, I plan to share what it means to practice financial public relations outside of the hub of the financial world, live in the South and still be a New Yorker at heart. CJP

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