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Path to Prosek: From PA to AAE - Remy Chester

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Remy Chester shares her Path from PA to AAE in our latest Path to Prosek series post.

Could you please share 2-3 sentences on your general experience at Prosek so far?

Since the day I joined Prosek, I’ve felt welcomed and supported across the board. Having the opportunity to work at a growing mid-sized firm has allowed me to flourish as an individual and a professional, and it’s impossible to feel like just another fish in the sea at Prosek. Even as we navigate a hybrid working world, the community feeling is seldom lost.

What was the PA program like for you?

The PA program was the single most unique professional experience I’ve had – very rarely are you able to learn, work and grow under the guidance of your colleagues in such a supportive environment. I broadened my skill sets in both the public relations and financial industries in a shorter time than I ever anticipated, which has enabled me to become more capable and confident as I launch my career.

Why would you recommend others join the PA program?

I have come to understand that Prosek invests heavily in the growth of their Apprentices. Your manager, media buddy and colleagues want nothing more than for you to excel at the beginning of your professional life. I’ve developed a strong understanding and appreciation of the landscape which gave me a great foundation as I transitioned into the AAE role.

Please tell us 1-2 of the top things you’ve learned at Prosek thus far.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Aside from this, I’ve learned that pain is progress. As Jen Prosek has said, the feeling of being over your skis and ultimately succeeding, is an unbelievable growth experience. I’ve learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and that this is ultimately the basis for a wonderful and successful career.

What has been your top moment at Prosek thus far?

My top moment at Prosek thus far has been the realization that I’m in the right place. Upon graduating from college, I wanted nothing more than to land a job at a unique and respected company, which I can confidently say I succeeded in doing. It’s a very comforting and encouraging feeling to know that you’re exactly where you should be, and that the world truly does await you.

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