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girl_work_postureSince making the transition, my posture has become a priority. It might sound silly—but learning to work behind a desk all day has been a big adjustment (pun intended). As a reporter, I was used to running from place to place—spending a good portion of the day out of the newsroom and on my feet.

While both the news business and public relations are extremely fast-paced industries, I’m now keeping pace in a different position; sitting instead of standing—and I quickly noticed I needed to focus on sitting up straight.

Have you ever found yourself slouching at your desk, feeling relaxed— but tired at the same time? According to Amy Toffelmire, in an article for the Lansing State Journal, while it may seem “like less work than sitting upright… slouching forces your muscles to work hard to hold you up, making you even more fatigued.” Toffelmire continues to write that “proper posture arranges our body in the most efficient position.”

And she says that may help us feel more energized.

A prettier posture is also said to help us look thinner, younger and taller and to improve our confidence and concentration.

The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration outlines several tips for comfortably working at a computer.

Some include:

  • Keep your hands, wrists and forearms straight, in-line and (roughly) parallel to the floor
  • Keep your head level, forward facing and in-line with your torso
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and your elbows bent between 90 and 120 degrees.
  • Make sure your feet are fully supported by the floor.

In addition to reviewing and trying to follow OSHA’s outline—I’ve ordered a cushion for my chair, have treated myself to a massage (or two) and find time to head outside for a work day walk if necessary.

For me—perfect posture means a better personal outlook, more juice to power through the day and increased workflow; all positive things. How much attention do you pay to your posture and focus throughout your work day? End of Story

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