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Take an AAPI NYC Food Tour

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I am a firm believer that our worlds become smaller when we travel and explore different cultures. And there is no better way to explore different cultures than through food. In this AAPI NYC Food Tour, you’ll find a list of my favorite restaurants and food stops that celebrate the culinary traditions of Asian-American and Pacific Islanders - most being a hop, skip or a 6-Train away from our NY office at 105 Madison! 

Biao Sugar Chinese Boba (Herald Square)

BIAO Sugar is an authentic bubble tea brand originally from China. Founded in 2018, the team has a very rich experience in the boba tea market prioritizing the use of organic ingredients, premium roasted tea leaves and hand-crafted boba! In addition, customers grab their drinks through the coolest tiger's head, which certainly creates a unique and fun experience! 

Dim Sum Palace (Midtown)

At Dim Sum Palace, there’s often something for everyone. You’ll find an array of traditional Chinese small dishes such as delicate dumplings, braised chicken feet, sweet fresh tofu, rice noodle rolls, fluffy steamed bao and tiny custard pies — many of which require extraordinary skill to make.

Gopchang Story BBQ (K-town)

Established in 2004 as a “Gopchang House” in South Korea, the Gopchang Story BBQ experience focuses on beef intestines called Gopchang, Makchang & many traditional-style Korean barbecue meat dishes like galbi as well as jeongol, a Korean style hot-pot.

Grace Street Coffee & Desserts (K-town)

If you’re looking for a unique coffee shop that satisfies your sweet tooth, look no further. Snuggle up with a cup of their silky Coconut Ube latte and indulge in everything from their signature Basque Burnt cheesecake, to the fan favorite Bingsoo (Korean shaved snow with sweet toppings).

Jollibee (Midtown) 

Before becoming a vegetarian, fried chicken was my favorite food on the planet. And Jollibee had my favorite fried chicken sandwich in New York. I still think about the perfect bite of the soft brioche bun lathered with a toasted garlic aioli and the crunch of the immaculately breaded, juicy chicken breast. I have yet to find a plant-based chicken sandwich to ever top it. Enjoy a taste of the Filipino fast-food staple that is famous for its fried chicken and gravy with a side of rice. And like a local, you must end your meal with a Peach Mango Pie or the traditional Filipino Shave ice (with condensed milk, ube ice cream, red bean, flan and fruits) or better known as Halo Halo (mix-mix in Tagalog).

Nonono Japanese (Midtown East)

You’ll be seated in their cozy, modern-industrial dining area where you can choose anything between traditional Japanese Izakaya, savory ramen and their Insta famous “Raindrop Cake.”

Noreetuh Hawaiian 

Enjoy the beautiful tastes and traditions of Hawaii with a modern twist, courtesy of this Michelin-recognized restaurant in the East Village. From spicy tuna tartare to Iberico pork belly skewers,  30-day dry-aged porterhouse and even some elevated Spam, Noreetuh will wow your guests and introduce you to some new flavors.

Thai Villa (Flatiron District)

At Thai Villa, you will savor flavorful dishes rarely served outside of Thailand! They specialize in sophisticated, little-known cuisine such as Shrang Wa Goong, Kaeng Hung Ley and Kun Tok, originally prepared for Thai royalty in generations past.

Tonchin (Midtown)

Feeling soupy? Visit this Michelin Star Ramen spot serving you the best of Japanese comfort food from in-house, hand-pulled noodles, to the biggest Japanese shave ice you’ve ever seen! In 1992, brothers Katsuhiro and Motohiro Sugeno, had a simple goal, to bring people together and provide excellent food. 25 years after the first opening, Anan Sugeno set out to bring the philosophy of Tonchin to the world. 

Vatan Indian Cuisine (Kips Bay)

Vatan specializes in traditional Indian cuisine offering guests the options of all-you-can-eat or a la carte. Many of their dishes are vegan or vegetarian. You will feel at home in the ambiance of a typical Indian courtyard while tasting unique spices from South India. 

We hope you grab your fellow Prosekian to share a meal and celebrate the inspiring cultures and flavors of the AAPI community, and what better time than AAPI Heritage Month to do so! Happy eating!

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