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A Public Relations Experiment

Lauren Carmody

Stork and BabyHypothesis:

Securing a top-tier media placement for a client is comparable to the feeling you get when you find out you're going to be a first-time mom.


Identify a test subject who has just found out she is pregnant and has also secured a top-tier placement in a top-tier media publication, including but not limited to the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Barron's and CNBC.

Test Subject Identified:

  • Lauren Carmody
  • Age: 30
  • Status: Three months pregnant with her first child
  • Occupation: Public relations (Subject has also secured a top-tier media placement within the last three months)


In a focus group of one, which we found to be a significant (enough) sample size to support or negate the hypothesis, the subject answered a series of questions, while attached to an "emotion-meter." The subject's body language (smiles) and tone (excitement) were also observed and recorded during the experiment.

The Findings:
While the subject demonstrated extreme happiness when discussing the process of securing a top-tier media placement for a client, it could not hold a candle (very scientific terms) to the way she felt when she found out she was going to be a new mom. Her body language and tone indicated a state of extreme euphoria that could only be achieved by the news of her pregnancy.

A few verbatims from the focus group (of one):

"I cannot describe to you how much happiness this brings to my husband and me and we are incredibly lucky to have jobs that we love AND a new member of our family on the way." "The combination of having a great career and starting a family makes us both the happiest people on Earth."


As mentioned above, the client did exhibit signs of happiness surrounding both events. However, the hypothesis is rendered incorrect and we now reject the null hypothesis. The "icing on the cake" and determing factor came from one of the last thing the test subjects said:

"People experience life-changing events throughout their lives–marriages, new jobs, new houses–and while I have adored and appreciated all of those experiences, nothing can compare to the way this news has made me feel."

Disclaimer: All subjects used in this experiment were real–not fictional characters–and all information imparted in this study can be considered truthful.

In other words... I am going to be a Mommy! CJP

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