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Angling for an Advantage? Write a Book!

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When my brother, James, was a college freshman he published his first book. He had done something new -- he had caught, painted and written about the trout of North America – and the book was a critical and commercial success. The New York Times dubbed him the “Audubon of the Fishing World” and he became a sought after media guest and speaker.

James graciously credits me with generating national exposure for his work (helping my little brother has been one of the highlights of my own career) but I see it somewhat differently.

The real reason Trout: An Illustrated History was so successful is because James brought something absolutely new to fly fishers, naturalists and others and he published a book. That combination is gold. I saw it with James (now on book No. 10) and I see it with my clients. Publishing a book brings speaking engagements and media opportunities that are unavailable to rank and file thought leaders.

Tomorrow, my own book, Army of Entrepreneurs, will be released by AMACOM. Let me say, it’s one thing to counsel your clients on the value of publishing a book; it’s quite another to feel it firsthand. It’s an amazing experience and it confirms my belief that book publishing is the ultimate thought leadership experience.

Pre-book, I was simply a PR firm owner and CEO. Now, my thought leadership platform affords me keynote speeches and interviews with top-tier media. Of course, running CJP Communications remains my first priority but the good news is that the book’s success will directly affect the success of my business.  As it should be!

It’s also been really gratifying to be a “client” of my own agency. My awesome team at CJP is already putting this book on the map.  I must say, those CJP folks are damn good!  I look forward to blogging more about the impact of this experience.  It’s a case study of sorts – for both me and my clients who are aspiring thought leaders.  Stay tuned, watch my progress and, if interested, take a few minutes check out the book! CJP

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