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Emily Dietz

FireworksFourth of July is the celebration of America’s independence... but we all know it’s really about the fireworks.  Everyone has their preference, varying with color, height, noise and shape.  Personally, I don’t discriminate. Fireworks are serious business to me, no excuses for missing them. This year I even went as far as booking a 5:30 a.m. flight on the morning of the 5th in order to make it to work on time, there was no way I was going to be in a plane during the big show.

While I have no regrets about the early morning sacrifice for fireworks, I’m not sure this year’s local display was up to par. It seemed a bit wimpy with lag time in between, as if they stretched it out purely for length. I’d rather see the show be a little shorter but filled with crowd pleasers. I guess I’m a quality over quantity type of girl.

The quality over quantity argument doesn’t just arise over fireworks, we are faced with it every day. Do you go for the quick and cheap meal on the way home from work or do you buy organic and cook yourself?  Would you rather eat a whole Hershey’s bar or indulge in a rich truffle?  Are you happier if you buy multiple pairs of shoes at the discount store in one spending spree or do you save up until you can splurge for that designer pair you’ve been eyeing all month?

Working in PR, it seems as if we are faced with these decisions in our professional life as well. Specifically, I see this question arise when measuring success in terms of coverage for a client. While of course it is ideal to have strong reporting for a substantial period of time, as an intern I wonder where to concentrate my energy. Is it better to aim for steady coverage in middle of the road publications or instead go straight for the grand finale with a few top tiers? 

Emily Dietz is an intern at CJP Communications

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