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Give & Take: From One to Another

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[Cut to The Impressive Clergyman]

“Mawwige is whut bwings us togevveh today.”

The clergyman from The Princess Bride is entirely true in this instance, because it’s my sister-in-law is who brings us together today.

You see, in 2010 I got married (a different minister than quoted above) and gained a new sister-in-law in the mix. That same year, she (Kristina Hagström-Ilievska) volunteered for a women's project in Kenya to teach economics, literacy, and health. Ready to save the world, she was eager and prepared to give it her all. But nothing was as she imagined.

Weeks passed volunteering onsite without results, and her frustration grew. To try to turn things around, she went to the project manager on site, Bendettah Thomas, and asked what her dreams were for the program and what she needed to be able to achieve them. The project manager's reply was that she wanted to help more people out of poverty.

That day, Kristina and Bendettah agreed that education was the key to prosperity for women. They agreed that skills in pedagogies and safe houses to gather women, was the base of success. Kristina understood that if she took a step back from teaching the women, and instead taught the coaches, the knowledge would stay in the region, and that if there were more centers, they could help more women. That evening, she went into her room and wrote: "From One to Another."

When Kristina went back home to Sweden, she and two friends started the non-profit association From One to Another. Today, they partner with a local organization in Nikumbuke to work for every girl's right to education.

From One to Another believes that with educated citizens, we will create a more tolerant, equal, and better world. Through scholarships for girls and educational centers for their mothers, From One to Another creates an empowering environment, that supports the girls. Their ‘Circle of Education’ process starts with From One to Another to a Coach, then from the Coach to the mother, from the mother to the daughter and lastly from the daughter back to the community.

From One to Another truly is an amazing cause, helping hundreds of women and girls. But, I’m simply the messenger, the brother-in-law, the guy that built and maintains their website. Since coming onboard to rebuild and maintain the organization’s website, I’ve had the pleasure of being part of true generosity. Every single team member in Sweden donates their time to ensure that all funds go towards furthering female education in Kenya. It is amazing to witness this selfless act by so many, with the goal of truly making the world a better place for others.

To date, the organization has collected more than 3.8 million SEK (over $340,000 USD) in donation funding, and is certified in Sweden as a ’90 Konto,’ which means that more than 90% has been sent directly to the cause with no middle hands. Since it’s creation, the organization has funded 738 scholarships, and they have grown to 20 employees and part time coaches teaching at 20 different women’s centers that reach more than 2,000 women weekly.


From One to Another currently has 416 girls that have applied for scholarships. However, they currently only have funding for 236. It takes 2,000SEK (about $190) to sponsor a girl’s education for the entire year! Every little bit helps, and you can donate ANY amount. To support the organization, please donate here.*

*NOTE: The website is in SWEDISH! To choose your own amount to donate, please click on the “Ge en gåva” option and then click the checkbox “Jag vill välja ett eget belopp”. Then, enter your amount in Swedish Kronor.

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