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It's Pride: Let's Make America Proud

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It’s that time again – rainbow flags, parties and colorful people will adorn city streets across our country to celebrate LGBTQ pride month. I’m proud to be a part of this diverse community and proud of the people and organizations that tirelessly support progress; but this year, my feelings are decidedly different.

The issues of the day in America, ranging from immigration bans, to deportations, to policies that roll-back protections from bullying and discrimination, combined with issues abroad, like conversion torture and murders in Chechnya not only have a significant impact on the LGBTQ community, but also on each of us as Americans, and the values we hold so deeply. These events strike at the core of who we are as a nation and how we treat one another as human beings.

We are now at crossroads. It’s time to decide what kind of nation we want to be. Do we want to be a country where there’s only way to love and live? Or will we be one that values and respects differences and puts fundamental human rights and equality first?

To me, the answer is obvious– choose people first. Bring human regard into the equation, always – in our politics, our schools, out in public, and in our workplaces. We, as a nation, must set a positive tone for the rest of the world.

Putting People First

At Prosek we’re proud to help companies talk about workplace diversity.  We facilitate opportunities for our clients to educate and inform the public about the positive effects of hiring people of diverse backgrounds, and with different thoughts, talents, and experiences.

These conversations are the first step in creating more inclusive environments, helping to shift perceptions around what’s acceptable behavior in our workplaces and in our country. By talking openly about where they stand on equality, these companies are sending a strong message locally, nationally, and globally about what they value most – the people they employ and serve.

Beyond Corporate America, the power also lies with you as an individual. How are you rising up to meet the challenges being made to your rights, safety, and freedom? How are you rising above the hateful rhetoric and falsehoods to find common ground?

Tomorrow has the power to be different, but only with everyone’s help. Have difficult conversations about equality. Volunteer your time and support organizations that value people of all backgrounds.  Be kind.

Together, let’s make Americans proud again.

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