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What's #Trending Now: Olympic Texts

Vu Chung

We have come a long way from prehistoric forms of communications like smoke signals and pigeons but the impetus remains the same today: people need to share their emotions and communicate – especially during big events. Today, we just choose to communicate more with our mobile devices. And, in the age of social media people are continuing to rely on text messages (SMS) to share their thoughts. It’s clear that there are events and moments in time driving people to communicate. And, the London 2012 Olympics sets a good example. Check out this infographic from Sybase 365*, the mobile services arm of SAP:

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What was your favorite Olympic moment and did you text anyone to share the joy or disappointment? For me it was the women’s soccer match between the U.S. and Canada. My dad and I exchanged text messages with our own analysis after each goal by both teams (there were a lot of goals to go around). They were that textworthy! You can relive the match here in case you missed it.

*NOTE: Sybase 365 is a Prosek Partners client.

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