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Going Global: A Q&A with Becca Parrish, CEO of Becca PR

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In our ongoing series, "Going Global," we're bringing you insights from our partners within the Prosek Global Network, a group of leading agencies with whom we collaborate to deliver impactful results for our clients across the world. For the latest installment of the series, we spoke with Becca Parrish, CEO of Becca PR, a creative communications agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, Prosek announced that the firm made a minority investment in Becca, the creative communications firm behind the most innovative, successful and respected names in hospitality. By joining forces, the firms will leverage deep-seated expertise across the business and consumer landscapes to deliver enhanced value and strategic, innovative solutions for the firms' respective clients.

In honor of this exciting partnership between two women-owned communications and marketing agencies at the top of their respective fields, we asked the eponymous Becca to share more about her agency's differentiators, anticipated 2024 trends, and more.

Here's what she had to say...

Tell us a bit about your agency and the types of clients you work with. What would you say is your biggest differentiator?

We’re a creative comms and marketing agency deep in the hospitality space. We work with founders and brands, chefs and restaurateurs, hoteliers, spirits professionals, food products, and industries interested in hospitality, like fashion and real estate. We’ve built our reputation on being creative and accountable and crafting great stories. Our trusted network and proven ability to deliver relevance and revenue for clients year after year sets us apart. 


What would your dream collaboration / project with Prosek look like?

Clients that have both business needs and consumer interests, like financial institutions, global hotel groups, entertainment companies. We’re really excited to help build businesses together, bringing together the food and finance worlds in mutually beneficial ways. We’re also super excited to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for clients who appreciate their meaning and value.


What two themes do you expect to dominate the news cycle for your clients in 2024?

The election, of course, and then the counter to that: things that bring people comfort. Experiences that people can count on. After Covid, everyone was rooting for restaurants to return; and we’ve seen the full embrace of restaurants as essential to the way people come together. Demand is over the top. 


What’s your advice for working with consumer media vs. the financial press that our clients might be more used to?

Consumer media want the human side of things—the people behind the stories. That’s why I’m often drawn to certain clients, because the founder is so compelling and their story is so meaningful. You want to tell it because you know their story will resonate. Everyone should hear it. 


What about working with influencers?

People trust people and brands they like and admire. Word of mouth is such powerful validation—a great motivator to check something out. Influencers are the new media, and their reach and power is only growing. Their ability to move the needle—to sway, place or even create products. Verifying who legitimately can affect the bottom line – like an accreditation process for influencers – may be the future. 


What are you most proud of when it comes to Becca (the agency)?

That we have demanded the best from our clients and from ourselves. That we are true collaborators and business partners—we care deeply about our industry and our clients who value our work. That we’ve enjoyed loyal, rewarding relationships with some of the greatest names in hospitality: from chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin and Lynn Wagenknecht of The Odeon to Ralph Lauren and his team. And that we always keep evolving.


Describe your dream client.

A dream client is one who is all-in—they’re open to ideas, committed to the relationship, and ready to work hard to make an impact. We believe that the best PR relationships are like a solid handshake—a shared effort to be in it together and garner the very best results.

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